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Implementation of an API with Swiss Life

1st June 2021
The LPP (pension fund) in companies is entering into a new era!
Following several months of close collaboration between Swiss Life and Helvetic Payroll, a new API (data exchange) for LPP management has been implemented to improve efficiency for Swiss Life clients.
Helvetic Payroll supported Swiss Life in this development and now benefits from this state-of-the-art technology.

The benefits are : 
▪ 3,000 paper mailings saved each year
▪ Instant updating of LPP premiums.
▪ Automated employee check-in/out
▪ Increased confidentiality using encrypted channels
▪ A consequent saving of manual time-consuming work 

Congratulations to the technical and business teams of Swiss Life and Helvetic Payroll for this great project!

#SwissPensionFund #CyberSecurity
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