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About us

Helvetic Payroll SA

Since 2010, Helvetic Payroll has grown to be Switzerland’s leading Payroll Company. Our offices are situated in the heart of Geneva, a few blocks from the beautiful Lac Léman, and in the centre of Zurich, Switzerland’s economic capital. A few years ago, Payroll Services in Switzerland were in their infancy with manual calculations and lots of paper. Helvetic Payroll has taken the concept to a new level: professional, digital, tailor-made solutions. Managing contractors’ salaries is our core vocation and it is with overwhelming energy that our team works to bring you services to meet your requirements.
Our mission

  • Enable any worker to exercise and develop an independently professional activity, with a protected status of an employee

  • Allow companies to access to experienced professionals with a simple, compliant, and competitive access.

Khaled Yatouji
Founder & Managing Director
Passionate about history and geopolitics, Khaled is a true globetrotter who will always have a word in your language. 10 years of experience at Xerox Corp. before founding Helvetic Payroll.
Samuel Venker
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
After 8 intense years at P&G, Samuel co-founded Helvetic Payroll with Khaled. Sam is always keen to crunch numbers on Excel and Kitesurfing at the Vengeron.
Dorothée Pellet
Finance Manager
Dorothée is at your service, with her smile and good humour, for all your finance related questions.
Alexandra Ghidina
HR Manager
Efficient and good-humoured, she will make all your administrative headaches disappear.
Solène Bieri
Business Administrator
With a degree in Commercial Economics, Solène has 7 years under her belt as a recruitment consultant in Geneva.
Mike Mansell
Business Development Manager
9 years of working as an international recruiter for both end-clients and agencies, Mike joined Helvetic Payroll first as a consultant and then internally as a Commercial Development Manager.
Hugo Ferreira
IT Manager
He support an over-demanding team requesting everything up to automatic coffee making. Wish him good luck !
Rémy Ramos
Accounting assistant
Rémy, graduated from business school after doing these 3 years of apprenticeship at Helvetic Payroll, is responsible for invoicing within our finance team.
André Alves
IT Manager
The computer scientist who proudly developed the site you are visiting right now.
Lea Obradovic
Administrative assistant
Cédric Dyens
Business Development Manager
Graduate of the University of Business Administration of Geneva and after 7 years spent in Private Banking, Cédric is the newest arrival in the Helvetic Payroll family.
Laetitia Rostoll
Laetitia has spent the last eight years within multinational companies based in Geneva as HR Generalist. The adventure Helvetic Payroll started for her early 2018.
Management software
Born on January 1st 2017, I was immediately adopted by the Helvetic Payroll team. I'm never sick, tired, and I work 365 days per year. I don't bite and am extremely agile, helping my colleagues carry out their work efficiently and accurately.
Online portal
Our Processes

Our services continually evolve in order to provide our stakeholders with the best solutions. To offer the best possible service, greater efficiency and perfect transparency, we have implemented the following processes :
Contracts and adminstrative documents

–     100% digital and secure with DocuSign
–     The antiquated printing on paper, signing with a pen, and snail-mailing are confined to the past : 1 click signatures

Expense and Timesheet Management

–     The Secure Private Area (SPA) portal allows timesheet and expense approval by your manager with a single click
–     The timesheet is securely sent to all concerned parties, easy.

Document repository on the Secure Private Area (SPA) portal

–     Email notification once your salary slip and annual salary certificate is available for download

The heart of our operations : « PUMA Connect © »

–     A 100% digital HR Supply Chain that is the motor of our processes :
–     Invoicing and collection
–     Salary management
–     Administration and Accounting
–     etc…

Social partners

We collaborate with the most renowned companies to offer you complete, flexible, reliable and fast solutions.


First pillar / Old-age and survivor’s insurance

Pension plan

Loss of income coverage for illness

Professional and non-professional accidents coverage
Business partners

We want you to benefit from our local, national and international network in different sectors.

NEO Group

Result of the experience, expertise and futuristic ambitions of its founders, NEO draws the new face of insurance brokerage.

A Swiss company based in Geneva, b-Sharpe reduces your exchange rate by 3 in comparison to banks and operates in a complete secure environment with a 3 million insurance against hacking and misappropriation, physical or digital.
Go for Jobsharing

Do you need to get informed about job and top sharing models of work? The Association PTO will provide you with tailor-made expertise!​ Please see the info website or the professional match making platform
We Jobshare

We Jobshare is a match-making platform created by PTO Association to address the needs of employees in Switzerland to find a job sharing partner.

Coworking spaces in the heart of Geneva: rental of workstations and conference rooms.

Digital platform for “flexible benefits”

Platform dedicated to digital jobs

Legal cover

Our values place

Human at the center of projects.

In addition, Helvetic Payroll intends to demonstrate that

a technologically responsible attitude is compatible

with healthy business growth.


We are flexible, attentive and totally dedicated for greater responsiveness. Our proactive approach, combined with our energy, allows us to create dynamic and bespoke state-of-the-art solutions.


Honesty, trust and transparency.
We maintain open and honest communication with all our partners (customers, consultants, staff and suppliers). We fully respect our commitments and keep our promises.


We are determined to ensure excellence is a principle in the domains we cover. We continually improve the quality of our services and ensure that you are fully satisfied with the solutions we offer you.


  1.  Electricity used by the company to power our offices is guaranteed to be 100% of hydraulic production.

  2. The lighting in all of our offices and computer rooms uses low energy lamps only.

  3. Our offices are not lit at night and on weekends, lights in rooms that are not occupied during working hours are switched off.

  4. The office computers are put into extended standby mode at the end of the day. Similarly, monitors are switched off each evening instead of simply being put into standby mode.


  1.  All internal correspondence is conducted by email only. For external correspondence we only resort to traditional postal services or fax when it is absolutely necessary.

  2. Archival is done systematically and exclusively in electronic form and without printing, using digitiser and storage and data protection software.

  3. Our customers are billed online: customers are encouraged to adopt electronic payments using an invoice sent by email in PDF format. Hard-copy invoicing incurs a surcharge of 15 CHF to discourage this obsolete method.

Green Mobility

  1. Every employee, who undertakes to cycle to work in the summer is allocated a sum of money equivalent to a new, good quality bike.

  2. Bicycles are made available to employees for their professional and private travel during the day. This way they have a means of transport that is fast, practical and very environmentally friendly for lunch in town and doing light shopping every day.

  3. Any business travel by air is offset by using a programme that compensates for C02 emissions.


  1.  All refuse is sorted and recycled, on all levels of production. There is a waste bin and a waste paper basket targeted for recycling in every office.

  2. Not one object or electric or electronic component is thrown away, whatever its weight or size: it is recovered.

  3. Use of rechargeable batteries replaces use of non-rechargeables for all our electronic equipment. Chargers and recovery boxes for items whose service life is over are made available to employees.

  4. Collection of waste that is hard to dispose of (scrap metal, glass, plastic, cardboard) is organised several times a year and is transported to a waste recovery centre for recycling.

  5. Waste sorting has been set up in the cafeteria, containers made of PET and aluminium are separated and recovered separately for recycling.

  6. Toner and printer cartridges are recovered by firms specialising in recycling these items


  1.  When purchasing servers we favour servers using «low voltage» technology that have lower energy consumption (consumption of electricity and waste heat).

  2. Selection is not made to the detriment of the power essential for our needs.

  3. Our servers are chosen with the first criterion being quality and power, the second being their energy consumption. Models, brands or manufacturers not using these technologies are quite simply not retained.

Material & Products

  1.  Any paper the company uses comes only from 100% recycled paper or paper that is certified by the FSC.

  2. Cleaning staff are only allowed to use biodegradable products without VOC from brands with the strictest labels on the market.

Purchasing Policy

  1. Companies with an ecological charter or who are developing procedures or solutions that show respect for the environment are favoured over rival products or solutions.

  2. Helvetic Payroll undertakes to give its suppliers, partners or sub-contractors a sense of responsibility with regard to working with companies that are doing the most for the environment.

Others measures

  1. Infomaniak has given up the use of disposable tableware for meals that are eaten in the office or at celebrations.

  2. Bottled water and water fountains have been withdrawn in favour of water jugs and glasses. In this way greater emphasis is placed on drinking tap water.

  3. Similarly to the State of Geneva, Helvetic Payroll has adopted the use of microfibre cloths which significantly reduce the use of detergents and chemical cleaning agents. Microfibres are manufactured from polyamide and polyester. They possess astounding adhesive properties thanks to their structures and are very efficient for cleaning.