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Mis à jour le Wednesday 26 July 2023

Helvetic Payroll is an ethical and sustainable Swiss company with more than 30 employees and expertise in payrolling. Founded in 2010, Helvetic Payroll is a key player in its field and is involved in all developments in this new form of employment.

We've been active in this market for more than 10 years, with offices in Geneva and Zurich, and our national reach means we can work closely with our clients in all of Switzerland's employment regions.

A group of managers from different countries

Since 2021, Helvetic Payroll has been part of the Freelance.com group

Our mission

  • To enable any professional to exercise their activity and develop it with full independence, and while having safe employee status.
  • To enable companies to easily hire the skills they need through a simple, direct and competitive access to experienced experts

Our values

  • Innovation : promoting solutions which meet the needs of our clients and their progress-centred companies
  • Ethics : being kind and honest with our clients, partners and employees
  • Excellence : continually improving the quality of our services to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied

Helvetic Payroll values its human capital, a key factor in the company’s success and client satisfaction. It offers its employees a healthy and stimulating environment.

The employees, united around a common vision, share the same spirit of mutual assistance, innovation, skills development and client satisfaction.

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