Our CSR commitments

Mis à jour le Wednesday 26 July 2023

Helvetic Payroll wants to prove that an eco-friendly attitude is compatible with a company’s healthy growth. Thus, Helvetic Payroll acts specifically on the following subjects:


  • Electrical energy used by the company is guaranteed to be of 100% hydraulic origin.
  • The lighting for all our offices and our computer room is solely composed of low-consumption lamps.
  • Our offices are not lit at night and during the weekend. The lights in the rooms which are unoccupied during the office hours are switched off.
  • The office computers are systematically switched off at the end of the day. Similarly, the screens are switched off every evening instead of just being put on standby mode.


  • Any internal correspondence is exclusively done by e-mail. External correspondence does not involve traditional post or fax unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Archiving is systematically and exclusively done electronically and without printing, by means of a digitiser and storage and data protection software.
  • The invoicing of our clients is done online: clients are encouraged to adopt an electronic payment with an invoice received by e-mail in PDF format.

Soft mobility

  • We encourage all our employees to use sustainable methods of transport (bike, walking, public transport).
  • Any business trip by plane is fully compensated via a CO2 emissions compensation programme.

Sorting and recycling

  • All waste is sorted and recycled at all production levels.
  • No object or electrical or electronic component is put in the bin regardless of its weight or size: it is recycled.
  • The use of rechargeable batteries replaces the use of non-rechargeable batteries for all our electronic equipment. Chargers and collecting trays for end-of-life items are made available to employees.
  • The removal of bulky waste (scrap metal, glass, plastic, cardboard) is organised several times a year and is taken to a recycling centre for reprocessing.
  • The printer toner cartridges are recycled by companies specialised in the recycling of these items.


  • When purchasing servers, we choose the servers with “low voltage” technology which are less energy intensive.
  • Our servers are chosen according to their performance and their energy consumption. The models, brands and manufacturers which do not use this technology are simply not selected.

Materials and products

  • The paper used by the company (printed paper, envelopes etc.) is solely 100% recycled paper or FSC certified paper.
  • The office cleaning teams must only use products which are biodegradable and without VOCs with the most demanding labels of the market.
  • Helvetic Payroll has adopted microfibre cloths which significantly reduce the use of detergents and chemical cleaning products.
  • Helvetic Payroll has stopped using disposable crockery for meals eaten in the office or for celebrations.
  • Bottled water and water fountains have been replaced with carafes and glasses. We therefore choose to consume tap water.

Purchasing policy

  • Companies which have an Ecological Charter or which develop environmentally-friendly procedures or solutions are preferred at the cost of competing products or solutions.
  • Helvetic Payroll undertakes to make its suppliers, partners and sub-contractors accountable for their collaboration with companies doing their utmost for the environment.
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