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Skills outsourcing: what are the advantages for companies?

Payrolling offers companies, and HR departments, in particular, a real ready-to-use solution to enhance their ability to manage certain situations:

  • Flexible resource management and cost control: companies can hire professionals for a fixed term and end their contracts once the project is completed.
  • Access to specialized expertise: payrolling enables companies to work with professionals with specific skills and in-depth experience in their field without having to recruit and train.
  • Delegation of administrative tasks such as contract management, payrolls, social contribution declarations, etc. to the payrolling company.
  • Legal protection for the client company and the consultant

The Helvetic Payroll teams support you in your need for flexibility of skills by handling the management of human and operational resources of their assignments.


Do you regularly or occasionally receive external participants within your company?

The Helvetic Payroll teams support you in your need for flexibility of skills by handling the management of human and operational resources of their assignments.

This solution is fully included in the progression of the notion of collaboration, participates in the entrepreneurial dynamics, and boosts the increase in skills and the loyalty of your participants:

  • Customized, flexible, simple, and fast solutions to implement
  • Outsourcing ad hoc assignments and expertise to specialists
  • Service invoicing system which is more flexible and less restrictive than salary management.
  • Legal and social cover of compliant consultants ensured
  • Simplicity and effectiveness of the financial process: a timesheet and a monthly invoice

Do you wish to use any external talent?


Are you an agency?

Thanks to our flexible solutions, we can support and develop your activity while fully respecting Swiss regulations (SECO).

By removing the administrative burden from your company, your teams can concentrate on the development of your activities and therefore increase your productivity. We are reactive and we work with full confidentiality to help you maximise your business opportunities in Switzerland:

  • Helvetic Payroll manages the timesheets, monthly salaries, invoices of the Swiss client and ensures that your commissions are paid within the expected time frame. You can be sure that when Helvetic Payroll, as a trustworthy partner, invoices your client as requested by Swiss law, confidentiality and security are required.
  • Provide us with your availability and we will respond appropriately to your needs. You can also just ask us for a simulation and you will be able to measure the reactivity, efficiency and financial cost of our solution.

Are you based abroad?

You are a company based abroad and you wish to integrate a person living in Switzerland into your teams. Helvetic Payroll can offer you a comprehensive solution to support you in this project.

How does this solution work and how can we implement it rapidly? Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions


Payrolling is the best choice for independent companies and workers. This solution involves a tripartite relationship between the employee, the payrolling company and the client company. Discover Payrolling


Payrolling is aimed at professionals with expertise or in-depth technical skills such as consultants, trainers and independent service providers. This mainly concerns intellectual service-providing professions such as IT, management, human resources, marketing, communication, finance etc.