Become a consultant safely with payrolling

Thanks to Helvetic Payroll, you can exercise your consultant activity with all the advantages of a classic employee!


Helvetic Payroll, a pioneer in payrolling in Switzerland

Helvetic Payroll accompanies its experts throughout their professional careers by guaranteeing them comprehensive and secure administrative services as well as advice and an extensive network to guarantee its consultants’ development and flourishment. Helvetic Payroll offers you the best in payrolling thanks to a multitude of services to become a consultant.


Personalized support

To guarantee personalized support, we provide our consultants with a dedicated account executive. Your advisor will monitor your accounts throughout your assignment and offer you optimal management of your professional career.

The HR advisor assigned to you will handle the proper progress of your assignment and support you in all its stages. As we have our consultants nearby, you can contact your advisor at any time for any information request.


A flexible, tailor-made, and fast solution

According to your needs, opting for payrolling can turn out to be practical for testing a project, re-training professionally, requesting a mortgage, or conducting an assignment abroad. At Helvetic Payroll, the services provided are numerous:

  • Personalized support thanks to our experts via the analysis of your personal situation in order to bring out an optimal financial and legal simulation
  • Management of all administrative, legal, and financial aspects in full compliance with Swiss law (announcement procedure, work permits, licenses, etc.)
  • Efficient management of the client’s administrative interface (contract, timesheet, invoice, and debt recovery)
  • Cash advance thanks to the Cash Box

Our prices and conditions

Helvetic Payroll pays you the fees invoiced to your clients as a salary and the deduction is made from the social benefits and tax charges, and the management charges of your contract.

  • Taxation, 2nd pillar, family allowances

These elements will depend on your salary, personal situation (married, single, partner working in Switzerland, children, etc.), and your place of residence. You will benefit from a comprehensive and free simulation based on your situation.

  • Cash box

After studying the client account, we can implement financing solutions. The Cash Box works as a cash advance to avoid waiting for the payment of the final client. You are therefore paid during the days following the receipt of your timesheet signed by the client. This is a service that secures your cash flow and makes you re-focus on the execution of your assignments.

  • Payroll management fees

The Helvetic Payroll management fees are calculated based on a percentage of the turnover (excluding VAT) made by the consultant.


Your consultant space

To meet the expectations of our consultants, our teams have developed an online platform that is 100% customizable and secure. Therefore, you will have all your administrative and financial information available in a single space.

The interface makes it possible to :

  •  Find all the documents relevant to your assignments
  • Directly sign all the contracts online from the platform
  • Transfer your activities which must be validated by your managers
  • Have a look at your financial balance in real-time
  • Have electronic payslips
  • Have your HR advisor’s contact details

You are therefore fully independent in the piloting of your online activity.

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