Helvetic Payroll ensures its IT security

Publié le Monday 08 July 2024 par Aïni Rouiaï

We are delighted to announce that Helvetic Payroll has recently passed an IT security audit. This assessment, carried out by an independent company, marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to ensuring the security and protection of our clients' and consultants' data. At Helvetic Payroll, we understand the crucial importance of cyber security in an increasingly digital world, and we take our responsibility to protect the sensitive information you entrust to us very seriously.

Context of the audit

To consolidate our infrastructure, Helvetic Payroll called on Synacktiv, a reputable cybersecurity company, to assess the security of our Puma application and our publicly accessible internet resources. The audit aimed to identify any vulnerabilities and assess the associated risks. We chose Synacktiv for their recognised expertise and rigorous approach, to ensure that every aspect of our IT security was thoroughly examined.

The initial audit took place on our premises in August 2023. Following this assessment, counter-audits were carried out in April and July 2024 to verify the effectiveness of the improvement measures put in place. These in-depth audits ensured that our infrastructure was as secure as possible.


Synacktiv's experts have concluded that our information system has a high level of security. This recognition attests to our ability to protect the sensitive data of our customers and consultants and to maintain a secure infrastructure.

This audit is an important step in our continuous improvement drive to provide a secure environment for our customers, whether they are consultants or companies. It demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of IT security.

For our customers and consultants, this successful assessment is an additional guarantee of confidence. It ensures that best practices protect your data and that Helvetic Payroll is committed to remaining at the forefront of security and innovation.
By choosing Helvetic Payroll, you are choosing a partner who puts the security of your information first.

To find out more about our commitment to security, please contact our team.


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