Refer your external service providers

We take care of listing and managing the invoicing of all your subcontractors: freelancers, self-employed or companies.


What is Corp to Corp (C2C)?

Corp to Corp is a solution designed for companies that want to outsource all the steps involved in managing their external suppliers.

It is the perfect solution for companies that want to :

  • Engage external service providers or suppliers not previously selected for a defined period or a specific project.
  • Use external service providers who operate through their entity without having to hire them directly.
  • Reduce the diversity of status of external suppliers by limiting their number.
  • Guarantee the security and control of the relationship with their suppliers.

Managing your external service providers has never been easier

With our Corp to Corp solution, you can effectively free yourself from the red tape and legal complexities that can arise when managing external resources, whether freelancers or companies.

Our teams take care of the management of your external resources:

  • Complete administrative management: we take care of all aspects of contracting your service providers, including compliance, quotations, purchase orders, invoices and payments.
  • Legal security and diversification of your supplier pool: our team rigorously performs due diligence on your external talent, giving you total peace of mind in terms of compliance and legal compliance.
  • Service management: our experts are with you every step of the way, providing operational monitoring and personalised reports to meet your specific needs.

Would you like to outsource the management of your external service providers?


What are the benefits for businesses?

Corp to Corp offers several benefits for both companies and their customers, whether freelancers or self-employed, including

  • Simplification of the supplier listing and management process: in many large companies, it can be difficult to list every partner (supplier). They therefore often concentrate on listing companies offering highly specialised services or the largest consultancies. For other partners, for whom the listing process would be too tedious and costly, freelance administration appears to be an attractive solution.
  • Lower intermediation costs: as a general rule, the Corp to Corp option is economically advantageous, as it involves a single intermediary between the two parties. What’s more, costs are pre-established and contractually agreed with clearly defined terms and conditions.
  • Compliance and security guaranteed: we undertake to guarantee the legal compliance of each service, complying with all the legal, tax and social obligations in force.

Are you planning to entrust the management of your suppliers to experts?

Do you work with freelancers and all kinds of external service providers and want to streamline your supplier management? We’re here to support you with a customised solution perfectly tailored to your requirements.