November 2019
November 2019
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I am a company


You regularly or occasionally have external contractors within your company :
Salary management in Switzerland is a time-consuming process. It requires specific knowledge of social security, tax-related and legal matters as well as numerous dealings with the relevant authorities.

Our mission

To provide customised solutions for the successful completion of your projects.
We simplify and facilitate all processes so that you can work confidently and effectively in full compliance.

Helvetic Payroll, which holds all the necessary licences, will be able to free you from all administrative obligations and legal constraints:

Our expertise

  • Flexible, customised solutions that are quick and easy to implement

  • Occasional and specialist tasks outsourced to experts

  • More flexible and less restrictive invoicing system for services than salary management

  • Social security and legal cover for properly insured contractors

  • Simplicity and effectiveness of the financial process: one activity report and one monthly invoice

I'm an agency

In the past, you have had a limited choice of Payroll companies in Switzerland but fortunately, over the past few years the payroll landscape has changed! In your recruiting business, when you need efficiency, high reactivity & competitive fees, most of the time the results do not meet with your expectations.


Helvetic Payroll however, can offer you a better solution for the Swiss Market. Thanks to our flexible solutions, we can support and develop your business, whilst at the same time fully complying with the Swiss regulations (SECO). As we take the administrative burden away from your company, your staff resources can focus on developing your core business activities and gaining productivity.


We work quickly and maintain complete confidentiality in order to ensure you maximise your business opportunities in Switzerland. Helvetic Payroll monitors timesheets, executes a monthly payroll, invoices the Swiss client and ensures agency commissions are remitted promptly. You can be confident that when Helvetic Payroll, as your trusted partner, invoices an end client as required by the Swiss law, there is total confidentiality and security. 


Let us know when you are available and we will adequately address your specific needs? You can also simply ask us for a simulation and therefore you will be able to measure the responsiveness, efficiency and financial cost of our Payroll solution.

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I am a foreign company

You are a company based abroad and you are looking to hire an individual who is a Swiss resident, and who will continue to live and work in Switzerland. Helvetic Payroll will provide a full service to assist and manage the payroll process.


How this process works and how can we begin a working relationship?

Contact us and we will be happy to answers all your questions.

Working in Switzerland: The law

  • To legally work in Switzerland, a worker must obtain a Swiss work permit which must be requested from the authorities by a Swiss employer.

  • Any temporary worker wishing to work for a company based in Switzerland must therefore work with a Swiss company that is authorised to hire labour within this country.

  • Consequently, a temporary worker may not work for a company based in Switzerland and be paid by a company based abroad. Nor may he/she work for a Swiss umbrella company without the necessary licences.

  • A Swiss end company may only work with a Swiss company that has all the necessary licences.

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Federal and cantonal licences

Private placements and the hiring of labour are strictly controlled in Switzerland by the public institutions.
Helvetic Payroll has all the licences necessary for our activities:

  1. Cantonal licence granted by the SPE to practice throughout Switzerland

  2. Federal licence granted by SECO for cross-border

These licences enable us to practice in Switzerland and in European Union countries. 

Helvetic Payroll is in permanent contact with the authorities and insurance companies (SECO, SPE, AFC, AVS) to ensure full compliance of our processes with Swiss legislation.

We know that it is of the utmost importance to ensure that pay slips are drafted for every employee in strict compliance with Swiss and European standards, particularly in terms of the calculation of social security contributions and tax deductions where tax is deducted at source.


A compulsory Swiss work permit

To work as a foreigner in Switzerland, an employment contract alone is not sufficient. You must also have a Swiss work permit. The Swiss work permit is an official document issued by the population service in your canton which allows you to work in Switzerland.

Helvetic Payroll will take care of all of these administrative steps.